Private Planning Consultations

The L.A. Kindergarten Class is currently accepting a limited number of clients for one-on-one consultations this fall.

When we start, we're going to ask you a lot of questions - because we want to develop the best customized plan for your family's needs. After that, we'll take the time to put together a list of best-fit schools for your family and follow up with a Zoom session where we talk through all of your options and answer any questions. Our meeting will run 60 - 90 minutes. We will talk through all of the recommended schools, application procedures, lay out timelines and make sure you know what to expect throughout the application process.

You'll get all that - plus full access to our online course (a $59 value) for a total of $329. 

We also offer a Decision Time Consult ($159) from February through September for families who have already applied to schools and want to talk through their options before making a final commitment for their fall placement.

Requests for assistance are processed in the order in which they are received. Due to high demand, there may be times when not all requests can be accommodated.

Let's Find the Best School for Your Family!