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    Hear what parents have to say about The L.A. Kindergarten Class!

    Teaching parents about ALL of the school choices in Los Angeles, and how to pursue them...

  • What We Do

    Los Angeles parents face a maze of school options and The L.A. Kindergarten Class is making it much easier to navigate!


    This 90-minute class explains in detail what parents need to know about:

    • District Schools, Magnet Programs, Affiliated Charters, Independent Charters, Private Schools

    • How to apply to each school type

    • What to expect throughout the process

    • Where to look for information on specific schools

    Parents will leave with a detailed timeline to follow and a real understanding of what their options are.


    Los Angeles has a lot of different education options for families, and figuring it all out can take a lot time and energy. We created this class to make parents' lives easier. If you really want to know the nuts and bolts of how the system works, this class is for you.


    How do I take the class?

    We regularly partner with local preschools and venues who host our talks. We also offer private parties for you and your friends (see above). Reach out to schedule The L.A. Kindergarten Class in a corporate setting, or your own group. Individual planning sessions can also be arranged.




    That was absolutely one of the BEST seminars I have ever attended. Thank you so much for giving me and the rest of the parents the opportunity.” –Michelle N.


    This seminar was very informative and gave me a great overview of what to expect in our school search. I feel more comfortable with the process. Kim and Caden were personable and answered all of my questions!” –Victoria J.


    This is the type of seminar that every parent should have the minute they put their child in preschool. So much better to be prepared!” –Junia M.

  • Small Group Offerings


    The L.A. Kindergarten Class comes to you!

    Want to host a private class for you and your friends? We offer two options:

    The LAKC in the comfort of your own home!

    The Regular LAKC:

    A two hour event that covers all school options - District, Magnet, Charter and Private, with plenty of time for questions is $375 for up to 12 people.

    Additional friends for $30 each.


    Small Group School Strategy Session:

    More like an individual session, you pick a group of friends and neighbors with similar school options and we can talk more specifically about different schools.

    $375 for up to 5 people.


    Email us to schedule:


    Need more personalized help with your School Search?


    Book an Individual Session with us!


    Private Planning Session

    We do the research for you - providing a list of schools for your family to consider, an application timeline and a lot of advice. We gather the information in advance and then our conversation usually runs 75 minutes. $195 ($25 discount for anyone who has attended our class)


    Decision-Time Discussion

    When it comes down to deciding between 2 or 3 schools, we can discuss the pros and cons with you so you can be sure you're making the best choice for your family. This usually runs 30-45 minutes. $75


    Email us to schedule:


  • The LAKC Founders

    Kim Haselhoff is the Executive Director of the Parents Education League of Los Angeles, which helps parents with the school search process in Los Angeles. With a B.A. from UCLA and a Ph.D. from UC Irvine, Kim spent several years working at the UCLA School of Public Affairs. In the last few years her interest has focused on Education and Education Policy, and what the research says about how kids learn best, which prompted to her to launch the Happy Kids Ed Adviser in 2017. Kim has helped many families successfully navigate the school search process. She has two children, one in public school and one in private school, here in Los Angeles.


    Caden Chernoff is a mother of two young children and created Savvy School Search L.A. in 2017 to help local parents struggling to find the right schools for their families. Previously, as a theater director in New York City and Los Angeles, Caden worked to guide creative teams to launch live productions. Her experience includes teaching acting and directing as well. Originally from the Midwest, she holds a BA from UCLA and an MFA from Carnegie Mellon University. She spent more time getting her daughter into Kindergarten in Los Angeles than she did getting herself into undergraduate and graduate school, but she believes your search doesn’t have to be that way, and she’s here to help.


  • The LAKC Blog

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    For a lot of families in Los Angeles, the next several months will be all about one thing: Surviving the WAIT LISTS. Charter schools, Magnet schools, and Private schools all have wait lists, and when your child is on one it can mean a lot of angst and uncertainty. When a younger sibling ends up...
    January 29, 2018 · Schools,Charter Schools,Los Angeles Schools
    Charter schools are free, public schools, open to any student who applies. Charter schools were developed to allow teachers to be more involved in developing the curriculum at their school, and to try out innovate teaching methods. Charters also provide students with more choices within the...
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