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"This was the best use of time and money that will impact my children's future immensely!"  –Amy C. 



"Can't say enough good things about this class! So much information that would otherwise be SO confusing explained in ways that will make you understand the entire LA school system so well. I'm so grateful I signed up for this class and for Caden's advice, and highly recommend it to other preschool parents who like to plan ahead!" -Renana B.


"My husband and I just finished a Zoom session with Caden as we are trying to navigate our options for Kindergarten in the middle of a pandemic. I can’t recommend her enough! She was incredibly knowledgeable, thorough and honest. We feel much more centered in our decision and I would reach out to her in a heartbeat if we have another school related question. If you are feeling lost, have unanswered questions, or just want to talk about this upcoming year, a discussion with her is such a great option!" –Maggie B.



That was absolutely one of the BEST seminars I have ever attended. Thank you so much for giving me and the rest of the parents the opportunity.”  –Michelle N.



 “This is the type of seminar that every parent should have the minute they put their child in preschool. So much better to be prepared!"  –Junia M.                                                                                      


"I had the benefit of taking this class a couple of years ago, and it helped me tremendously navigating the LAUSD lottery system, understanding points, discerning between charter schools and private schools, etc. -- basically all the aspects that are unique (and frustrating) to getting an education in L.A. I thought we had our schooling all figured out, and then a pandemic happened, and our plan for Fall 2020 changed on short notice. I am so, so thankful I thought to reach out to Caden for a little guidance. I never expected her to come through like a superhero and save the day. Knowing our situation, a bit about what we were looking for in my son's education, and where we live, she made a clutch recommendation that I never would have considered. I am so extremely grateful to her for her understanding, her calm and informed approach, and her unyielding care. I recommend her services to everyone." –Jen N.



"If you are a parent in Los Angeles struggling to figure out the public school system, don’t miss this class. They will break down the quagmire of magnet points and charters and all the other info you need to make the best school choice for your kids. Also, they’re funny, smart moms who 'get it.' Don’t miss out! Best thing I’ve done to help us through this process." –Kristine E.



"I had a hard time navigating the public school system in Los Angeles. I was recommended to contact Caden at The L.A. Kindergarten Class and OMG, I can’t even express how much she helped me! Caden listened to my story and what were my goals when it comes to finding the right school for my daughter. She explained exactly which steps I should take and what were my chances of getting into my top school choices. Caden explained exactly which schools I have a chance to get into from the waiting lists and really explained in detail how the system works. She has so much knowledge about the school system in Los Angeles and hands down, I can not say enough amazing things about Caden." –Basia R.

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