What is

The L.A. Kindergarten Class?

Since 2017 we have been helping parents understand all of the education options available to their families in Los Angeles.

So... Why Is This a Thing?

When I tell my friends back in Minnesota, where I grew up, about The L.A. Kindergarten Class and our mission, they usually ask me some version of the question. “Wow,” they say, “is that really a thing?” And I usually say that well, it shouldn’t be – but here we are.

Between neighborhood schools, magnets (with the complex points system), charters (a few kinds), and private schools, Los Angeles parents have a myriad of educational options for their kids. But they’ve also got no roadmap for how to navigate the system – and that’s why the moms and dads I know here in L.A. tend to understand better why The L.A. Kindergarten Class came to be.

Everyone knows that the “school question” weighs on SoCal parents. Our mission is to empower families by helping them understand the various pathways available to them and we are working to make that help more accessible than...

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Where Have We Been?

Maggy Haves Preschool

Oakdale Preschool


Bright Horizons Children's Center

Oneonta Cooperative Nursery School

Building Blocks Christian Academy

Weekday Preschool

Exploring Minds Montessori School

Studio City Cooperative Preschool

Sage Academy


The Pump Station and Nurtury

LA Valley College Child Development Center

CSUN Lab School Preschool Program

Los Angeles Dance Academy




Who Are We?

Caden Chernoff spent more time getting her daughter into Kindergarten in Los Angeles than she did getting herself into undergraduate and graduate schools combined. Determined to help other families avoid that same agonizing experience, she began helping at the nonprofit The Parents Education League Los Angeles and founded The L.A. Kindergarten Class to help make the school search process easier for other parents. Previously, as an accomplished theater director in New York, she supported teams of creative artists and led productions. Now she uses those skills to educate and empower parents. She holds a BA from UCLA and an MFA from Carnegie Mellon University. 


Kim Haselhoff is a college counselor with Collegewise and a former Executive Director of the Parents Education League, which helps parents with the school search process in Los Angeles. With a B.A. from UCLA and a Ph.D. from UC Irvine, Kim spent several years working at the UCLA School of Public Affairs. In the last few years her interest has focused on Education and Education Policy. Kim has helped many families successfully navigate the school search process and the college application process. She has two children, one in public school and one in private school, here in Los Angeles.

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