Fall 2020 Insanity is Nearly Over & Don't Worry 2021 Families, We've Got You!

Monday Night, Labor Day 

The education landscape was hard enough to figure out pre-Covid. Since March we've been a little quiet as we have been watching things evolve. Parents of students who just started classes this fall were watching and waiting all summer to see how this would pan out. A lot of them made drastic changes to their school plans because of the pandemic including opting for homeschool, enrolling in multiple schools at once so they could "try out" the online learning models offered before really choosing a school, or skipping the kinder year altogether. 

We have seen a ton of movement since mid-August when classes started at a lot of the area schools. Several families we know are making a move right now and starting their kiddos off in brand new schools tomorrow morning, after being underwhelmed with the first few weeks of school where they had originally enrolled. 

A lot of typically sought-after programs throughout the city ended up having extra seats available which we would not have seen in years past. In fact, tonight on Labor Day, I just got an email offer for my child from an LAUSD school. Did you know administrators worked on Labor Day? I don't think they usually do. These are extraordinary times and schools need to fill these seats.

We have been busy doing a lot of advising with parents who were still struggling to make decisions for this year. We have also begun private consultations with families applying for placement for fall of 2021. Our website is being re-worked right now and our class content will be available online any minute now. Hold tight! 

The NEW L.A. Kindergarten Class will be an online support system for 2021 applicants. You can access the information anytime you want to, as many times as you need to. We used to try to cram all of this information into a 2 hour block with parents in-person. And while we loved the real-time dialogue with parents, obviously that is not possible at this time. Additionally, the online version will be offering reminders and pointers to parents throughout the application season and the course will evolve based on questions participants pose over the course of the months we work together. We want to support parents from the beginning of the process all the way through decision time, which for many families happens on the eve of kindergarten or even a few weeks into it!

Los Angeles has a lot to offer. Dealing with the school dilemma is part of the price of admission. Sorry folks. As always, we wish this were easier for all families and are doing what we can to make it so. 

xoxo, The L.A. Kindergarten Class


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